Morris Bobrow
The Reviews

"There's no more polished master of the original musical revue than Bobrow. He packs
lyrics with comic ideas."
-San Franciso Chronicle

"Bobrow is one of the wittiest and classiest songwriters around. He has a marvelous
facility for taking almost any subject and writing sophisticated, witty and very incisive
lyrics plus equally infectious music."
- Hollywood Drama-Logue

"Morris Bobrow has a no-holds-barred relationship with his sharp and unyielding pen. It's
compassionate because Bobrow approaches his subject with the essential ingredients of
humanity and empathy."

"Bobrow's wicked sense of humor and ability to rhyme incongruous words is legion."

"Bobrow holds his own with the likes of Tom Lehrer."  - Boston South End News

"Basically Bobrow' - a one-man satirical extravaganza - a rare, clever, merrily idiosyn-
cratic show of the sort you're more likely to see in some swank hotel lounge on New
York's Upper East Side."
-San Francisco Chronicle

"Bobrow has the uncanny ability to create revue material that examines every
imaginable angle of his main topic."
- San Jose Mercury News

"Pearls of wit and wisdom. Bobrow's funny, incisive lyrics prick the pompous while exposing his own plea for
a for a more tolerant, compassionate society." - San Francisco Bay Times

"Bobrow has the wonderful ability to find a commonplace subject, discover its thoroughly offbeat humor and
set it all down in snappy lyrics and sophisticated music." -Marin Independent Journal

"Bobrow delivers a whole host of wry observations pleasantly rhymed and set to music. HIs sly irreverent
approach and spirited delivery make for a highly enjoyable evening." -Tiburon Ark

"'Party of 2 - The Mating Musical" is a barrel of fun. The talented and prolific Morris
Bobrow has done it again. The rhyming couplets come fast and furious. Take a pad and
pencil along and keep track of the multitudinous rhyming words. This gives you an
appreciation of what you're in for with this charming musical."
-for all events

"Party of 2" is full of tuneful songs with clever lyrics." -Talkin' Broadway

"Morris Bobrow has a way of exposing human realities we do not like to admit, and the
amazing thing is that the weapon he uses to rip through our politically correct facades
is music. You cannot attend any of his deliciously funny musical productions without
wondering, "How did he know we do it that way?" And, no wonder, Bobrow is the
recipient of four San Francisco Bay Area Theater Critics Circle Awards.  Bobrow utilizes
words in a truly amazing way, combining internal and external concepts about reality in
a way that amuses, cajoles and, yes, often astounds."
- San Francisco Bay Times

"Bobrow has to be one of the most clever lyricists on the planet." -Marinscope