ARE WE ALMOST THERE​? is an original musical comedy revue of songs and sketches about travel - the ups and downs of getting places.  A cast of four sings and acts its way through all kinds of travel situations, focusing on the misadventures of folks on the go - here or abroad.
It had a run of many years in San Francisco and beyond.

"Frothy and fun, the musical revue, Are We Almost There? whisks the audience away on a light-hearted joyride. The 70-minute show never flags for a moment and delivers two dozen delightful songs.  Fun lyrics, merry melodies and high-energy performances. Rhyming couplets flow effortlessly from Bobrow. He knows how to fashion a tune, balancing good cheer with just a touch of cynicism.  Savvy observations! -San Francisco Bay Times

"Morris Bobrow's Are We Almost There? has the audience on a roller-coaster of funny, clever songs!" -Observer

"Are We Almost There?" isn't afraid to explore the underbelly of tourist life. A hilarious account of the 'other' side of travel." -San Francisco Chronicle

AOL's Pick as a best bet in Bay Area entertainment. "Extra worthy of our seal of approval." -AOL Weekender

"Fast-paced, beautifully performed and full of laughs, perfect for the whole family." -KGO

"Cancel your reservations. Sit back and laugh your way to paradise! Loved it!"
-Roger Rapoport, co-editor of I Really Should Have Stayed Home.

"Bobrow has a keen eye for extracting humor for some of the most mundane and common experiences in life. It leaves one wishing we had not come home so soon. Such creative insights into everyday human behavior are all too rare." -San Mateo County Times

"I was thoroughly entertained. It was fast-paced and exquisitely performed and full of laughs. It was loaded with fun lyrics, merry melodies and rhyming couplets. Morris Bobrow cleverly wrote the music, lyrics and sketches. -for all events

"The funny revue (by Morris Bobrow of 'Shopping!' fame) is packed with comic ideas about the fun and foibles of travel, from group tours to packing to short-term rentals." -San Francisco Examiner

"Are We Almost There? The Travel Musical is a rip-roaring musical adventure that anyone who's ever gone anywhere will relate to. Hilarious!" -Goldstarevents.com